{Sustainable Food News} Organic, raw snacks maker launches new brand

Two Moms in the Raw, Inc. has launched a new brand of certified-organic snacks made with raw ingredients called Soul Sprout.

Based in Longmont, Colo., the company's snacks, including organic granola bars, nut bars, almond butter truffles, grain-free cereal and almond crackers, are made with organic, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains that have been soaked in water to activate nutrition-boosting enzymes and make them easier to absorb in the bloodstream.

The snacks also contain organic blueberries, cranberries, golden berries and goji berries, as well as herbs and spices.

The company said sprouted foods are "considered to be gentler on the digestive tract, making them a potentially better option for people who are managing certain health conditions through nutrition." The snacks do not contain gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and sugar.

The variety of products, sold at natural grocers nationwide, Amazon.com and the company's website, include:

  • Sprouted Granola Bars ($5.99 per box of six): Bring on the Blueberry, Cacao Nib Crunch, Cranberry Chia Crunch, Gojiberry Triple Yum-Yum, Sweet-N-Tart Goldenberry
  • Sprouted Nut Bars ($2.39 - $2.69 per bar): Charming Cherry Chocolate, Cranberry Crush, Gotta Getta Gojiberry, Go For Goldenberry, Blueberry Burst, Wow Cacao Nib
  • Sprouted Almond Butter Truffles ($3.39 – $3.69 per unit): Cacao Almond, Cayenne Cacao, Cinnamon-ilicious, Green Tea Vanilla
  • Sprouted Almond Crackers ($6.99 per box): Jive’N Chive & Onion, Sweet on You Graham, Spicy Chipotle Pepper, Zesty Italian Herb
  • Sprouted Grain Free Cereal ($9.99 per box): Original

By Sustainable Food News