Enzymedica Explains Health Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes

May 13, 2020 Enzymedica 0 Comment

“Proteolytic enzymes are the Swiss Army knife of dietary supplements in that a single dose of these miracle enzymes offers multiple benefits. Also known as proteases, these enzymes travel through the bloodstream to break down proteins that are one of the 3Ds: dead, damaged or don’t belong.* Enzymes are fast-acting, […]

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Enzymedica Drives Funding into Coral Restoration

December 12, 2019 Enzymedica / NGEN Partners News / Uncategorized 0 Comment

“Venice-based Enzymedica hopes to help fund Mote Marine coral restoration efforts through sales of new Aqua-Biome fish oil product, as scientists toil to save the Florida Reef Tract.”

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