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Zero Calorie Soda

Zevia is a zero calorie soda with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Available in 15 delicious flavors, this stevia sweetened soda is the natural pop you and your family will crave. Zevia is the answer to natural diet soda that tastes great. Zevia is the smarter soda choice.

Zevia News

Zevia Acknowledged as a Best Place to Work by Career Website Comparably

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200724005392/en/Zevia-Recognized-Place-Work-Comparably-Winning-Awards “LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zevia is a brand best known for its zero sugar, zero-calorie beverages. This year, the company has, even more, to celebrate, with its recent recognition by Comparably as a Best Place to Work. Among small to mid-size companies, Zevia received four Comparably Awards, including Best Companies for Professional […]

{PRnewswire.com} Zevia Introduces Zevia Organic Ready-To-Drink Tea

Zevia Extends Its Total Beverage Positioning With Zero-Calorie Organic Tea Line LOS ANGELES, March 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Zevia, the leading zero-calorie, naturally sweetened beverage company, today announced Zevia Organic Tea, a line of eight Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Tea flavors. Like all Zevia products, these items are zero calories, naturally sweetened with stevia, […]

{Bloomberg News} Soda Upstart Zevia Tops Pepsi in Study of E-Commerce Market

Zevia CEO touts nutrition, low calories in push for customers Pepsi, Coke looking to shift online as soda market shrinks May 5, 2017, 12:50 PM EDT – The race to sell soft drinks online has a surprising second-place winner: Zevia. The zero-calorie, sugar-free soda brand sold more online than Pepsi, […]

{Forbes} CrossFit Captures Six-Figure Sponsor Crusading Against Sugary Beverages

CrossFit has signed its first and only soda sponsor, maintaining that it is continuing its fight against sugary beverages in the process. The sponsor is Zevia, which will pay low-to-mid six figures for a one-year deal to align itself with the strength and conditioning brand made popular for its fitness […]

Sugar reduction meets clean label in soft drinks

DUIVEN, THE NETHERLANDS — The “clean label” trend is affecting the soft drink category globally, leading to more interest in natural sweeteners such as stevia and a backlash against ingredients perceived to be “artificial,” according to an Innova Market Insights report issued May 17. Also, sugar taxes have intensified the […]

{PR Newswire} Zevia Introduces Zero-Calorie, Naturally Sweetened Energy and Sparkling Water Product Lines

Adding to Zevia’s 15-flavor natural diet soda line, the brand will offer seven new zero-calorie natural flavors of Energy and Sparkling Water LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Zevia, the leading zero-calorie, naturally sweetened soda brand, has announced its evolution from a soda company to a beverage company with the addition […]

{Los Angeles Business Journal} Diet Soda Maker’s Online Sales Shake Up Sector

BEVERAGES: Zevia bested all competitors except Coke with healthier alternatives. Azero-calorie soda company is rising to the top in online sales as American consumers thirst for healthier alternatives. Zevia, which sweetens its drinks with sugar substitute stevia, sold more of its branded soda online in the United States than any […]

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Invested: 2/24/2012

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